Seminários Jovens no Terreno - 26 Novembro


Drug addicted Adolescents: Treatment and Recovery - A Qualitative Evaluation of a Pilot Project -

Em colaboração com o Goethe-Institut

ICS-UL, 15h00, sala 3

Por Christine Morgenroth (Leibniz-University Hannover)


The lecture refers to an investigation designed as a biographical longitudinal study focusing on the sustainable effects of inpatient drug therapy lasting several months. The goal of the intensive inpatient treatment was to offer the adolescents the chance for maturing. After completion of therapy annual narrative interviews were conducted with these former adolescent drug patients who had been addicted since their childhood or early adolescence. These interviews were analysed, among other means, by using an in-depth hermeneutic interpretation approach. The research goal was to document the level of changes in the adolescents' subjective structures.

A summary of central results will be presented just as some characteristics in the process of research itself.

In a few words: the therapy has to be considered as remarkable successful.

Christine Morgenroth is a Professor of Social Psychology (Psychology and Social Research) at the Institute of Sociology and Social Psychology at the Leibniz-University Hannover, Germany, and a practicing psychotherapist at her own office for psychotherapy, consultancy and supervision. She is an active member of the German Society for Transactional Analysis (DGTA). The thrust of her work combines several approaches to qualitative research with psychoanalytic hermeneutics, the primary emphasis being inter-subjectivity in researching interpersonal defense. Christine Morgenroth has published in the field of work identity, mental effects of unemployment, and attachment to organizations. Most recently she finished a longitudinal and biographical study of drug-addicted adolescents and their recovery: "Die dritte Chance", Wiesbaden 2012 (The Third Chance. Treatment and rehabilitation of young drug addicts).

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